GetX Flutter | A Set of tutorials

GetX is a combination of state management and dependency injection which makes it a must dependency in building your flutter app.

Flutter app can be made much easier and flexible with the use of GetX.

Also you can perform app navigation through GetX flutter app.

State Management :

State management is one of the crucial topic in app development either it may be flutter, react native or any other way of app development.

GetX stands number 1 in state management for flutter apps providing various other options too which we have discussed in detail in our tutorials provided below.

State management makes the app development faster and easier also removes the boilerplate code.

With the help of the state management we can handle user interactions, database calls, network calls there after we can update the result onto the UI within our app.

There is a lot to discuss on this topic and i want to provide you a brief introduction and explanation on few topics to which i have provided links below.

Topics Covered :

All these topics are clearly explained and source codes available under description section of every video.

Getting started with Getx

Getting Started with Getx Dialog

GetX BottomSheet

GetX state management without StatefulWidget

GetX navigate from one screen to another

GetX transfer data from one screen to another

GetX Save data using Storage Box

GetX Form Validations

GetX Switch theme much easily now

GetX fetch data from Api using network call

Fetch data and populate listview using GetX

Complete playlist :



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